↤ Work / Foundry Reports for Palantir

In 2017 I interned at Palantir where I designed and wrote front end code for features to help users document and share their data analysis. Foundry Reports is an application that allows users to bring data analysis from all over the Palantir eco-system into one place and add text, images, files and other content. This brings together insights from different data pipelines so users can understand the bigger picture.

One of the features I designed within Reports was the interaction for users to add content. Designing for enterprise software brings a whole new set of user goals and motivations and for this project I wanted to help users be efficient with their time and also learn to be more effective at their job by using this tool. In order to accomplish this I focused on the addition interaction being quick and lightweight to use. I also displayed all of the content options upfront instead of hiding them behind menus to encourage users to explore different data types they could use in their analysis. I supplemented the use of icons with tool-tips and call to action buttons to lower the learning barrier and reduce cognitive load.