↤ Work / Foundry Contour for Palantir

In 2017 I interned at Palantir where I researched and designed features to help users with big data analysis. Foundry Contour is an application that allows users to create visualiatsations such as graphs, charts and tables to help with time series and big data analysis. I designed workflows that allow users to add visualisations to a report so they can share insights and collaborate across teams.

This feature was the first time we introduced cross-application interactions within Foundry and I had to work closely with the engineering team to create a seamless experience within the complex technical constraints that come with large data sets and access controls. The final design leverages a file structure system to ensure that the UI can load within a single application while the cross application transfers are done on the back-end without the user ever having to wait for data to load.

Detailed Design Specs

As well as working through tricky technical constraints with my engineering team and creating UX workflows, I also worked on a detailed set of UI components.